Prepaid Funerals


Is purchasing a funeral plan value for money?


Yes – Pre-paid funerals plans purchased from local independent funeral directors, such as Abbott & Rees, usually provide the best value for money.


Paying for a funeral in advance at today’s prices beats inflation in the future – no matter when the service might be required.


Is the money safe?


Yes – your money is paid directly into Funeral Planning Trust, which is an independent fund separate from the accounts of the the Funeral Director or those of Funeral Planning Services Limited.


The trust is an independent fund established in 1995 specifically to provide for funeral cost.  Funeral Planning Trust is monitored annually by independent actuaries and checked by independent auditors.


These safeguards comply with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.


Will purchasing a funeral plan provide peace of mind?


Yes – At times of bereavement, families find themselves having to make unfamiliar decisions and arrangements.


Making your wishes known by planning and paying for a funeral in advance can provide a great deal of valuable guidance, comfort and assistance to families at a time that is for many people confusing and emotionally difficult.


How much does a funeral cost?


The cost of a funeral will vary from funeral director to funeral director.


A funeral account is usually divided into two distinct parts. The first part is usually the funeral directors charges for providing all of their services, e.g. providing a coffin, hire of a hearse etc.


The second part of the funeral account is made up of the fees or disbursements that a funeral director pays on the client’s behalf, e.g. crematorium fee, ministers fee etc.


We at Abbott & Rees are always available to explain funeral costs in greater detail and provide free quotes without obligation.



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